Proud to be awarded Swindon’s Best Rated Lawn Care Experts of 2024!

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Proud to be awarded Swindon’s Best Rated Lawn Care Experts of 2024!

Call 01793 625876 or BOOK ONLINE

Where the grass is always greener on YOUR side of the fence!

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Superior Lawn Care from

Swindon’s RHS trained experts!

Johnson Lawn Care Ltd is a small independent lawn care business, run by husband & wife team, Paul & Janet Johnson. We take enormous pride in being the best rated lawn care provider in Swindon, Wiltshire. We offer a full range of lawn treatments and lawn restoration services covering the Swindon area from Highworth and Shrivenham down to Royal Wootton Bassett and Wroughton. One of the benefits of being a local trusted trader and independent RHS-trained gardeners is we aren’t tied to a pre-allocated set of generic standard lawn feeds. As lawn care professionals, we pride ourselves on being different and have worked hard to bring our customers exceptional results only seen by using the best lawn treatments and the most superior quality and exclusive, top-class lawn fertilisers available.

As specialists in organic lawn care, our technologically advanced lawn fertilisers aren’t normally seen in the domestic lawn care market. They are usually reserved for the most prestigious greens, golf courses, football pitches and 5-star hotels in the world, but we feel that’s wrong. There is something so satisfyingly beautiful about a vibrant, sumptuous, thick and healthy lawn, and we see no reason why the domestic customer shouldn’t benefit. We, therefore, take great pride in bringing you a new high standard of truly superior lawn care where the grass is most definitely greener on YOUR side of the fence.

Paul & Janet Johnson

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Best Business of 2023 Award to Johnson Lawn Care

Our Expert Lawn Care Services

As RHS trained gardeners and horticulturalists we understand the science of turf. We know that if you want to get the very best results out, you’ve got to put the very best in. Fertiliser quality, particularly in the domestic lawn care market, varies tremendously with many providers opting for quick, yet short-lasting, visual results which do little for the long term health of your lawn. However, we are different and stand out for giving our customers access to a far superior range of fertilisers, the types normally reserved for use by the most prestigious greens in the world.

It’s one of the reasons why we have been awarded

“Swindon’s Best Rated Lawn Care Business”

every year since 2019!

Create a Beautiful Lawn with an

Annual Lawn Care Programme

Brown patchy untreated lawn before lawn treatmentlush green lawn after lawn fertiliser treatment
Whatever size your lawn, you can expect stunning results with an Annual Lawn Care Programme from Johnson Lawn Care Services.

What results can you expect?

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Dramatically boosts GREEN vibrant colour

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DESTROYS WEEDS & REDUCES their reoccurrence
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Builds STRENGTH & HEALTH to PROTECT against wear, stress & disease
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SUPERIOR RESULTS using PREMIUM ORGANIC FERTILISERS not normally available to the domestic market
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How we Care For Your Lawn

with an Annual Lawn Care Programme

Choosing us as your Independent Lawn Care Specialists brings a unique advantage to your lawn’s health and appearance. Unlike providers who are bound to a one-size-fits-all approach using mass-produced fertilisers, we harness the power of the finest lawn fertilisers and treatments available, carefully adapting them to meet the changing nutritional needs of your lawn through the seasons. This means the Standard Programme you see below is just a starting point—a template. We tailor our services to align with the specific needs of your lawn, and our independent status affords us the flexibility to adapt and refine our approach throughout the year based on your lawn’s evolving needs.

March / April
March / April

Spring Fertiliser

Our Spring fertiliser revitalises your lawn after winter, providing essential nutrients for strong growth and resilience. It's timely application promises a vibrant, disease-resistant turf ready to face the year's challenges.

May / June
May / June

Herbicide Treatment

Our licensed herbicide treatments target and eradicate unwelcome weeds, ensuring your lawn gets the vital nutrients it needs. While effective against existing active weeds, additional applications might be necessary to tackle new growth.

Includes FREE top-up treatments with our Summer and Autumn Fertiliser visits, if necessary.

June / July
June / July

Summer Fertiliser

Our summer fertiliser, tailored for sweltering days, ensures your lawn thrives despite heat and drought. Offering moisture retention and protection against pests, its unique formulation won't scorch, allowing application even during dry spells and reviving your grass once the rains return.

September / October
September / October

Autumn Fertiliser

Our autumn fertiliser prepares your lawn for winter, focusing on root strength and disease resistance, whilst minimising red thread damage. This nutrient-rich blend not only repairs summer wear but also promises a resilient winter turf and a vibrant spring revival.

Spring or Autumn
Spring or Autumn


Aeration combats soil compaction, enabling your lawn to access essential elements. By creating small holes, it boosts water absorption, promotes deeper roots, and facilitates nutrient uptake. We offer both hollow and solid tine aeration, with optional core removal, for a thriving lawn.

Spring or Autumn
Spring or Autumn


Scarification rids your lawn of thatch and moss, ensuring better growth and nutrient uptake. This mechanical raking revitalises turf by enhancing air, water, and nutrient access. Depending on grass variety and moss propensity, we advise annual or bi-annual sessions for a consistently vibrant lawn.

December / January / February
December / January / February

Moss Control

Liquid iron offers rapid lawn green-up and moss control. It boosts chlorophyll production, delivering a deep green hue, and acts as a powerful moss killer, blackening moss within hours. This dual action ensures a lush, moss-free lawn, combining aesthetics with turf health.

December / January / February
December / January / February

Winter Fertiliser

Winter may seem a quiet time for lawns, but beneath the frost, grass still thrives. Our winter fertiliser supports this growth, reinforcing roots and building resistance against cold-related stresses. By nourishing with our winter blend, you lay the groundwork for a vibrant spring resurgence.

Additional Treatments

Depending on the needs of your lawn, your programme may also benefit from our specialist additional treatments including:

  • Wetting Agents
  • Biostimulants
  • Overseeding
  • Topdressing

How Much Does Lawn Care Cost?

Perhaps cheaper than you think!…. As a local family business, we want to stand out for the premium treatments and results we provide. But as we don’t have the significant overheads of large firms or franchises, we can bring you the high-quality treatments we source, at a far more competitive price than you’d imagine. Just click below to book Paul to visit you to assess your lawn and provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote.

Looking for Garden Maintenance Services in Swindon Instead?

Our sister company, Johnson Gardening Services Ltd, provides a wide range of one-off and regular garden maintenance services to both residents and businesses of Swindon. Services range from one-off jobs such as Garden Tidy-up and Hedge Trimming through to our Fully Managed Regular Garden Maintenance and Lawn Mowing Service.

Before & after we started providing Lawn Care Services for Westlecot House.
Westlecot House poor health lawn before fertiliser treatment by Johnson Lawn Care

Customer Testimonials

“We have been using Johnson Gardening Services for over 5 years and during that time, they have made the most significant difference to our grounds. Paul treats our gardens as if they are his own and proactively ensures that pruning, tidying, fertilising or weeding is carried out at the optimum time.

We used to use another independent Lawn Care firm to treat our lawns, which has been particularly troublesome in the past, but were convinced to give Johnson’s the opportunity to look after this business as well. Since switching to Johnson Lawn Care Services, we have observed a significant improvement in the quality of our grass and fellow residents, who have been critical of the lawn condition in the past, freely admit that the lawns have never been better.

I would fully recommend Paul and his team – it is rare to find a contractor who is so diligent and knowledgable, and because it is a small family business, we know exactly who will turn up each week, and can be confident they know what they are doing.”

Mr B. Saunders. Director. Westlecot House, Swindon.

“What a difference! I thought I was doing a good job of my lawn until I saw a neighbour’s lawn being tended to by Paul. Fast forward & he’s now doing mine & it looks amazing. Highly recommend.”

Geoff Higgins


“We’ve used lawn care companies before but they lacked the knowledge & service provided by Paul & his team. I can honestly say our lawn is the best it’s ever been.”

Mary Alderton


“Paul looks after our lawn and does a brilliant job. Totally reliable & very knowledgeable. Pleasing to know he uses organic too. Definitely one of the best. I’d highly recommend him.”

Phil Jackson


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