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Welcome to Johnson Lawn Care Ltd, your trusted partner for exceptional lawn care services in Swindon and beyond. Below, you’ll find an overview of our award-winning services designed to keep your lawn lush, green, and beautiful all year round. For detailed information on each service, simply click on the relevant section below.

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Seasonal Fertiliser



Herbicide Treatment

Moss Treatment

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Annual Lawn Care Packages



Biostimulants are transformative additions to lawn care, acting as nature's own boosters to supercharge the vitality and resilience of your turf. Unlike traditional fertilisers, which deliver direct nutrients, biostimulants amplify your lawn's ability to absorb these essentials, fostering robust root development and improving resistance to various stressors. Among our offerings, Onyx stands out for its nutrient-rich organic formula that encourages root depth and overall lawn fortitude. In contrast, Seaweed Extract focuses on stimulating growth, enhancing soil health, and optimising nutrient uptake. By harnessing the power of either Onyx or Seaweed Extract, you're treating your lawn to an eco-friendly rejuvenation, ensuring a radiant and hearty green space.



Overseeding is the gardener's answer to a revitalised lawn. By introducing fresh grass seed into existing turf, overseeding thickens sparse areas, improving both the density and appearance of the lawn. The process also introduces newer, more resilient grass varieties which can outcompete weeds and better withstand pests, drought, or foot traffic. The result is a lush, vibrant, and hardy lawn that not only looks more attractive but is also healthier and more robust in the face of challenges.

Top Dressing


Topdressing is the art of applying a thin layer of soil mixture over your lawn, and it's a game-changer for turf health. This simple yet effective technique improves soil quality, levels out uneven surfaces, and encourages deeper root growth. It aids in moisture retention, ensuring your grass gets the hydration it needs while providing essential nutrients. The outcome? A smoother, more resilient lawn primed for lush growth and optimal health.

Lawn Mowing

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