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As experts in horticulture and lawn care, we understand the vast differences in fertiliser quality and the outcomes they yield. Many commercial lawn feeds may be suitable for general domestic use, but few can replicate the premium turf conditions seen in elite golf courses and sports grounds. That’s where we come in. Our unique position as independent Lawn Fertilisation Specialists enables us to break free from generic, one-size-fits-all lawn treatments.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to continually research and hand-pick only the finest lawn fertilisers and lawn care products available. So, what makes our lawn fertiliser range so special? Its exclusivity. The organic lawn feed we offer is typically reserved for the world’s most prestigious greens and landscapes. We now offer you this unique opportunity to benefit from these elite, effective lawn fertilisation solutions.

Coupled with our in-depth horticultural expertise, we’re dedicated to assisting you in achieving a lawn that is not just lush, but exceptionally vibrant and healthy.

What are lawn fertilisers and why do I need them?

Lawn fertilisers are specially formulated mixtures that supply essential nutrients to grass. Over time, soil can naturally deplete its nutrient content, impacting the health and appearance of the grass. Fertilisers replenish these critical elements, promoting robust growth, enhancing colour, and improving overall lawn resilience. Regular fertilisation is a pivotal component of effective lawn management, ensuring your lawn remains both a beautiful and functional part of your home.

Why do your fertilisers change from season to season?

Each season presents distinct conditions and challenges for lawns. As such, grass has varying nutrient requirements throughout the year. Spring often necessitates nutrients that invigorate growth after winter dormancy. Summer conditions might necessitate formulations that bolster the lawn against heat stress, while autumn applications typically focus on preparing the grass for the forthcoming colder months. Tailoring fertiliser applications seasonally ensures optimal health and appearance of your lawn throughout the year.

What happens if a lawn is short of nutrients?

A nutrient-deficient lawn can manifest several adverse symptoms. Grass may exhibit a faded green or yellowish hue, thin out, or become patchy. Additionally, a lack of essential nutrients compromises the lawn's defence mechanisms, making it more susceptible to diseases, pests, and environmental stresses. Regular and appropriate fertilisation not only rectifies these deficiencies but also fortifies the lawn's overall vitality, ensuring it remains a vibrant and durable landscape feature.

What's the difference between liquid and granular fertiliser?

Although both liquid and granular fertilisers are designed to nourish lawns, they differ considerably in their quality and effectiveness. They can be sometimes be favoured by lawn care companies for their convenience (and low cost price) and offer quick results, however, liquid fertilisers don’t get down into the soil and roots in the same way as granular fertilisers and are, therefore, much shorter acting and just don’t provide the sustained, high quality results of granular fertilisers. In seeking to provide the very best results for our customers, we have chosen to exclusively use granular fertilisers with high quality, slow release compounds, ensuring your lawn has an enhanced and sustained nutrient supply over extended periods to ensure consistent growth and health.

How do your fertilisers differ from shop-bought products, and what advantages do they offer?

Our fertilisers are curated based on extensive research and hands-on experience in lawn care. Unlike many store-bought products, which often adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, our fertilisers are tailored to address specific lawn conditions, types of grass, and seasonal challenges. Additionally, we focus on the sustained health of your lawn. This means our fertilisers not only promote immediate growth and lushness but also fortify your lawn's resilience against diseases, pests, and environmental stresses. Furthermore, with professional application, we ensure even distribution, appropriate dosing, and optimal timing, enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment and ensuring your lawn receives the best care possible.

Are the fertilisers you use environmentally friendly, and are they safe for pets and children?

As dedicated horticulturists, we prioritise the use of environmentally responsible and, whenever feasible, organic fertilisers. Our selections are not only kind to the environment but are also formulated to be safe for children and pets to walk on post-application. That said, while they're safe to walk on, no lawn care product is safe for ingestion, so care must be given to ensure pets do not eat the granules or grass until at least the lawn has been fully watered in (by rain or by you) and fully absorbed.

Premium Spring Fertiliser 

Spring marks a time of renewal and rejuvenation, which also holds true for your lawn. After the long winter dormancy, grassroots spring into action, seeking nutrients to support new growth. Our premium spring fertiliser plays a pivotal role during this period by delivering essential nutrients, such as nitrogen for vibrant green growth, phosphorus for strong root development, and potassium for overall health. This timely nutritional boost, plus magnesium and calcium, ensures a rapid green-up of your lawn and fortifies it against diseases and pests. By ensuring your lawn is well-fed in spring, it is better equipped to handle summer stresses, such as drought and heavy foot traffic and sets the foundation for a lush, resilient, and healthy lawn for the entire year.

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Controlled Release Nitrogen

A careful blend of fast-release and controlled-release nitrogen ensures lush green growth within two weeks, whilst the slow-release element continues to feed and green-up your lawn for up to 3 months without excessive mowing.

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Magnesium enhances chlorophyll production, promoting vibrant green grass and improved photosynthesis, resulting in a healthier and more robust lawn.

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Calcium improves soil structure, strengthens grass cell walls, and promotes robust root development, ensuring a resilient and healthier lawn.

Drought-Safe Summer Fertiliser 

During the sweltering summer days, your lawn faces numerous challenges, from blistering heat to extended dry spells. Our summer fertiliser is specially designed to tackle these adversities. Rich in essential nutrients, it not only bolsters your lawn’s ability to retain moisture, ensuring its vibrant hue, but also enhances its natural defenses against pests, diseases, and the rigours of increased outdoor activities. Importantly, our formulation guarantees that it won’t scorch your lawn. This means we can apply it confidently even during periods of drought, without the immediate need to water it in. Although no fertiliser can prevent a lawn from going brown during drought if water isn’t available, our meticulously crafted blend of fertiliser will patiently wait, activating and nourishing your lawn once the refreshing rains return, ensuring your turf remains a verdant retreat throughout the hottest days of the year.

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Drought-Safe Formulation

Our unique formulation can be applied during periods of drought and doesn’t need to be watered in, perfect for if there is a hose-pipe ban. The coated nitrogen simply reactivates once rain returns.

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Organic Biostimulant

Formulated using organic biostimulants to relieve heat and drought stress, your lawn’s ability to retain moisture will be improved, resulting in grass that stays greener for longer.

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Formulated to prevent lawns from fertiliser scorch and enable quick green-up once the rains return.

Premium Autumn Fertiliser

As the vibrant hues of summer transition into the mellow tones of autumn, your lawn enters a critical phase of preparation for the upcoming cold months. Our autumn fertiliser is crucial during this period, serving as a nutritional powerhouse tailored to the season’s unique demands whilst helping to keep any damage from Red Thread to a minimum. Our special blend provides essential nutrients to strengthen the grass’s root system, enabling it to store more energy for winter. Moreover, it aids in repairing any wear from the summer and fortifies the lawn against frost and diseases. By applying an autumn fertiliser, you not only ensure a healthier and more resilient turf during winter but also set the stage for a quicker, more vibrant green-up come spring.

Red Thread Disease 

Red Thread is a fungal disease that affects lawns, characterised by its distinctive pink or red threads. It often occurs during cool, damp conditions. Our autumn feed is designed to prevent the onset of Red Thread by fortifying the grass with essential nutrients, enhancing its natural resistance to such diseases. If, however, your lawn does show signs of Red Thread, we offer effective treatments to address and resolve the issue. Using our autumn feed and available treatments, you can ensure a healthy, well-maintained lawn throughout the year.

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Controlled Release Nitrogen

A perfect blend for autumn with low levels of fast-release nitrogen, and controlled-release nitrogen to maintain lush green colour through the season, whilst avoiding disease-prone soft growth. 

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A second boost of magnesium to help green up the lawn and keep it looking lush as we move into the colder months. 

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Stress & Disease Resistance

Formulated to strengthen, fortify and increase cold tolerance and disease resistance ahead of winter, and keep the damage of any Red Thread to a minimum.

Red Thread Disease 

Red Thread is a fungal disease that affects lawns, characterised by its distinctive pink or red threads. It often occurs during cool, damp conditions. Our autumn feed is designed to prevent the onset of Red Thread by fortifying the grass with essential nutrients, enhancing its natural resistance to such diseases. If, however, your lawn does show signs of Red Thread, we offer effective treatments to address and resolve the issue. Using our autumn feed and available treatments, you can ensure a healthy, well-maintained lawn throughout the year.

Premium Winter Fertiliser 

When winter’s cold embrace descends, many might believe that lawn care takes a backseat. However, beneath the frosty surface, your grass continues its life cycle, albeit at a slower pace. A winter fertiliser plays an instrumental role in supporting this subdued growth. Tailored with a unique blend of nutrients, it focuses on reinforcing the lawn’s root system, ensuring the grass remains robust and ready to spring back into action once warmer days return. Additionally, our fertiliser aids in building resistance against harsh winter conditions, including frost, snow, and diseases that may thrive in the cold. By feeding your lawn with our winter blend, you’re providing it with the sustenance needed to weather the toughest season, ensuring a strong foundation for a flourishing spring comeback.

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Although important all year round, potassium is especially crucial during winter months, strengthening plant cell walls, making the grass more resilient against frost and cold damage. This ensures that the lawn can endure harsh winter conditions without severe injury. 

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Bolstering Root Strength

While grass growth slows or becomes dormant on the surface, the roots continue to grow and store energy in colder months. Our carefully balanced winter fertiliser provides the essential nutrients needed for this sub-surface activity, ensuring a healthier and quicker green-up once spring arrives.

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Disease Prevention

Winter can introduce or exacerbate certain lawn diseases. By maintaining the perfect balance of nutrients through this season, we ensure that the lawn remains healthy and less susceptible to seasonal disease.

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