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Our wide range of superior-quality professional fertilisers will ensure your lawn looks lush, green and healthy all year round.

Superior Fertilisers. Outstanding Results.

As horticulturists, we know how enormously fertilisers vary and whilst many of the generic fertilisers used in the domestic market can give good results, not many give the truly outstanding results associated with the best courses and greens in the world. And we wanted to change that. One of the many advantages of being independent Lawn Care Experts is that we aren’t tied to a set of one-size-fits-all fertilisers. We want to stand out for offering so much more and so spent a great deal of time collaborating with one of the countries top greenkeepers and turf consultants to select the very best fertilisers and treatments available on the market.

It will come as no surprise that our highly specialised, organic products are not available to the general public, as they are reserved for use on some of the most prestigious greens in the world. But now you can benefit from the same specialist treatments and couple with our expert horticultural knowledge, create the healthiest, lushest and greenest of lawns.


Organic Lawn Care

As horticulturists, we are passionate about organic lawn care. Our range of organic lawn fertilisers provide a superior level of nutrition resulting in a thicker, healthier, more vibrant lawn.

The benefits of organic lawn care are vast but include:


The three main compounds in lawn fertiliser; Nitrogen, Phosphorous & Potassium are released much slower and more naturally in organic lawn fertilisers. This is important as it allows the roots to absorb the nutrients in small amounts over time which, in turn, strengthens the roots, making them more fibrous and results in a thicker, denser, healthier looking lawn.


Organic lawn fertilisers support the entire soil food web, building a healthy environment and ecosystem for the lawn to thrive. Unlike chemical fertilisers, they don’t alter the natural balance of your lawn or destroy the many needed microbes and other organisms needed for a healthy lawn ecology. As a result, you can expect a stronger and healthier lawn capable of fighting disease and being more resistant to stress.


Organic lawn fertilisers talk the same language as your turf and break down easily and slowly over time allowing your lawn to absorb the exact nutrients it needs. This means it never suffers any overdosing or lawn burn which is associated with synthetic chemical fertilisers. If a chemical fertiliser is applied in anything other than an exact dose, nutrient overdose occurs doing considerable harm to the lawn, resulting in lawn burn.


As organic lawn fertilisers are made of entirely natural, biodegradable compounds, they will not harm the environment or your lawn and will be completely absorbed into the ecosystem and nutrient base of your soil, with no harmful chemical residue left behind.


One of the benefits of organic lawn care is that it is safe for children and pets and you don’t need to worry about loved ones being exposed to, potentially carcinogenic, chemicals.  

Seasonal Fertilisers

Spring Fertiliser


Early Summer

Late Summer Fertiliser

Late Summer

Winter Fertiliser

Autumn / Winter


Spring is such a special time of year in the garden. Plants use a lot of energy bringing themselves back to life, and your lawn is no different.  To give it the best possible start, your lawn needs a careful balance of nutrients and to support this, we have chosen what we believe are the best spring fertilisers on the market today.

As we come into spring, we can assess how your lawn has coped over the winter and can establish if your lawn has any issues that need tending to, such as moss, for example. In having several different fertilisers at our disposal, it means we can tailor our treatment to your lawns exact needs rather than just provide a ‘one size fits all’ product.  It means peace of mind for you knowing that you’re getting the very best treatment available for your lawn, not just the average lawn.

Our specialist spring fertiliser has been formulated to have the ideal balance of nutrients to strengthen the turf at the beginning of the season.  The high phosphate and potash levels encourage stronger growth and better root development which is so important at this early time of year and sets the way for a healthy lawn all year round.

In addition, it contains iron to control any moss you might have.  A few days after application, the moss will change colour and require removal. This can be achieved by raking it out, or the most effective and beneficial method is by scarification which is a service we can provide as a one-off treatment or as part of one of our annual lawn care packages.

Finally, we apply a weed-killer which selectively controls a wide range of common lawn weeds without causing stress or damage to your lawn.

It is the perfect treatment for spring and will give your lawn the best possible start to the year.

Spring Lawn Fertiliser Treatment

Key Features

  • Boost of Nitrogen to aid growth and recovery from winter
  • Encourages strong root development in preparation for the year ahead.
  • Kills moss leaving more room for grass to thrive
  • Kills weeds


Our specialist organic fertiliser has been formulated to meet the specific needs of a lawn in summer and contains the perfect balance of nutrients to create the healthiest, greenest of lawns.

Firstly, it contains a very effective composting bacteria which breaks down moss and organic matter and turns it into valuable nutrients that continue to feed your turf. This is especially useful at this time of year as it is an effective way of removing any last traces of moss after your spring treatment but doesn’t require any scarification afterwards.

It uses a similar rate of organic nitrogen as our Spring Fertiliser to ensure the grass isn’t over stimulated in this growing phase and boasts the perfect balance of phosphorus to promote root development and overall health. The high levels of potassium are crucial at this time of year, promoting strong cell membranes and improving your lawn’s tolerance to stress from the heat of the summer, traffic and wear on your lawn and disease.

Finally, with 3% of magnesium, it provides a noticeably healthy and intense green colour to your lawn, and with ideal levels of calcium, useful for helping respiration during periods of heat and humidity, you can be sure your lawn is receiving the highest quality treatment available today.

Early Summer Lawn Fertiliser Treatment

Key Features

  • Melts the moss, converting it into particularly valuable extra feed
  • Provides a notable boost of vibrant green colour
  • Promotes turf strength & tolerance to drought
  • Increases tolerance to humidity & the heat of summer


Our early and late summer organic fertilisers were formulated in conjunction with award winning sports facilities and as a product, is recognised as being the best summer fertiliser available by turf managers around the world.

With the heat of the summer slowing growth down, it contains a much needed increased level of nitrogen and a perfectly balanced level of phosphorus and potassium. All of which help your grass withstand the stresses of summer while promoting strength, density and leaf stem growth.

Our late summer treatment benefits from added magnesium and iron for added vigour and colour and also has the advantage of 25% organic matter derived from meat and bone meal, feather meal and cocoa shells. These, together with many other added trace elements, offer additional benefits to your lawn than the standard nutrients found in fertilisers. They support the entire soil food web which builds a healthy environment which in turn feeds the plant.

Late Summer Lawn Fertiliser Treatment

Key Features

  • Noticeable boost in growth and vibrancy
  • Provides a notable boost of vibrant green colour
  • Lawn becomes noticeably more dense & thick
  • Organic trace elements provide boost in health & strength


With the colder days drawing in and the garden preparing to sleep, our slow-release Autumn / Winter fertiliser has been chosen specifically to provide a superior level of nutrient support to your lawn to see it through the winter period and back into Spring. Unlike other lawn treatment companies who apply a separate treatment in both Autumn and Winter (and charge you accordingly), we have chosen what is widely accepted as the elite of autumn/winter feeds and thanks to its slow release technology, means that your lawn will continue to benefit from the treatment for 10-12 weeks, making a separate, chargeable treatment unnecessary.

Using the latest technology, our homogenous fertiliser has been developed to harden and protect your lawn, feeding it gently over a longer period of time to help see it through the winter. It contains a suitably low level of controlled-release nitrogen for gentle, longer-lasting performance ensuring your lawn is not overstimulated at this time of year. Then, with a measure of phosphate, it assists desirable perennial grasses in building strong root systems in preparation for winter. Importantly, it contains high levels of potassium and sulphur to increase turf hardiness and the ability to resist cold, stress and disease while still maintaining colour. Finally, with traces of iron, magnesium and manganese, it ensures your lawn will continue to maintain a bright green healthy colour over the autumn and winter period and we believe, is the best possible treatment you can give your grass at this time of year making your lawn one to be proud of, all year round.

Autumn / Winter Lawn Fertiliser Treatment

Key Features

  • Hardens turf to prepare your lawn for winter
  • Long lasting feed to see your lawn through winter into the spring
  • Strengthens root system of desirable grasses
  • Builds strength & resilience of turf against stress & cold
  • Provides boost of